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Cuddle Clones Review

The Best Custom Stuffed Animals of Pets

The Best Custom Stuffed Animals of Pets

Create Custom Stuffed Animals: The Cuddle Clones Review

Cuddle Clones is a company that makes custom plush stuffed animal of your beloved pet. Whether you just want a custom stuffed toy of your existing pet to your little ones to play with, or to remember a lost pet, now you can. By sending in your digital pictures of your pet along with a description and any other personal details.

Read more at (FAQ), you can get personalized stuffed animals in life size or smaller reproduction plush animal sizes. You longer have to live without the memory of a pet that you love. Have a custom stuffed animal of your pets today that looks like the real thing. For more information on products visit:

Customized Stuffed Animals

About Cuddle Clones

Founded by Jennifer Graham, Cuddle Clones was started in 2010 when her beloved Great Dane Rufus became ill and come up with the idea for Cuddle Clones. She toyed with the idea of creating a stuffed animal version of Rufus before but didn’t commit to the idea and business until after meeting eventual Co-Founder, Adam Greene in 2009. In late 2010, along with Jennifer, they establish Cuddle Clones LLC, and make their first stuffed plush animal “Cuddle Clone”; a mixed breed dog named Layla.

Cuddle Clones’ goal is to capture the bond of your pet by bringing out all of the physical details and personality traits in an adorable stuffed animal form to cherish forever. In addition to 100% handmade plush replicas of your pet, their amazing products and commitment to detail, this personalized stuffed pet company is dedicated to helping the animal-wellness organizations and pet shelters around the country by donating a portion of their profit from the sales of Cuddle Clone products in hope that all pets will be able to receive the love and hope they deserve.

Cuddle Clones Features:

Custom, Handmade Stuffed Animals. Full Refund for Peace of Mind Ordering! Money Back Guarantee. Highest Quality Available. Types: Original Cuddle Clone, Golf Club Headcovers, House Slippers, Figurines, Jewelry, Graphic Print Blankets, Graphic Print Socks, Graphic Print Coffee Mugs.

Cuddle Clones Positive Aspects

Customized & Personalized Plush Designs

Cuddle Clones makes soft plush, affordable, customized stuffed animal replicas of actual pets and animals. All you have to do is submit at least one picture of the following: Face, Back, Left Side, Right Side, Chest/Underbelly, Tail and any Special Markings. Then choose from a few customization options like position, detail color, and the eye color.

Animal Welfare Donations

A portion of each purchase goes to pet-related causes to help animals in different communities. So people who love their pets cannot only get a nice stuffed animal replica of the pet they love so dearly but they couldn’t enjoy the fact that they’re giving back to local pet issues. Donations are made from a portion of each sale to three different pet organizations including the Petfinder foundation and the dogs on the planet foundation.

How to Order Your Own Cuddle Clones Pet?

Ordering your own customized plush Cuddle Clone is easy: just upload photos of your pet or a custom plush stuffed animal you like to be made. Next, tell Cuddle Clone your pet’s unique characteristics and then choose what your Cuddle Clones position will be. Cuddle Clone toy company has an expanded product line, they not only create replicas of dogs or cats, but they can also make a realistic replica of your horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more!

Cuddle Clones are perfect for pet owners who want a one-of-a-kind, stuffed animal that looks like your pet. People want to have a Cuddle Clone for a variety of reasons; may want to make a stuffed animal of a pet for their son or daughter so they don’t feel sad when they’re away on a trip or just away from home, for example:

  • They make a great personalized gift for someone who has ever owned and dearly loved a pet and wants to have a forever keepsake. Cuddle Clones is also for pet lovers who want to help other animals, as a portion of the sales is donated to animal and pet-related charities.
  • If your furry companion has passed away, you can have a custom-made replica version of your pet as a memorial keepsake to preserve those memories you shared with your pet.

Are you looking for a custom stuffed animal toy company that can take any picture of your pet and turn it into a stuffed plush animal that looks like your pet?

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How Much Do Cuddle Clones Cost

Cuddle Clone Product Options:

While for some, the price for a custom stuffed animal of your pet may seem pretty expensive, Cuddle Clones takes pride with price points that are 30-60% less than their competitors who produce similar products; it’s also important to take into consideration that you’re purchasing a custom made one of a kind pet replica which is made to your specification. These Highly detailed personalized pet memorial gifts are worth it, based on our own experience and the experiences others we shared of other customers, it’s worth every penny.

Plush Options

There are a great number of products you can select from. If you are not satisfied only with the option of a stuffed animal version of your animal. You can get the Plush clone, a 100% custom plus a replica of your existing pet.

That is the most popular version of the products. Plush slippers can be made as a 100% custom plus a replica of your pet that you can wear around the house. Golf club head covers can be made with a custom head cover of your pet so that when you hit the links you still have your pet by your side.

If you prefer you can draw a picture of your pets or any pets that you might want and send it. They will build it with custom plush design. Another fun option is to repair or replace a worn-out or lost stuffed animal with the plush replacement of an existing option.

Figurines and Ornaments

Figurines and ornaments are also possible. A custom figurine of a 3D variety can be made of your pet out of sandstone. Customized ornaments can be made of your pet out of sandstone. Custom necklaces can be made with a small attachment of your animal hanging from the chain. Earrings can also be made with custom replicas of your pet hanging off each year. In the case of the necklace and earrings, the replicas are made from Sandstone.


Memorials are possible. Granite memorials can be made and customized with a picture and different text. Premium brass urns are also available in four sizes and three colors. Would memorials made of basswood and natural bark edging can be personalized.


Accessories include custom colors available in five colors and available for personalization. T-shirts can be customized in one of two colors. Hoodies can be customized in one of two colors with added personalization like pockets in the front or pictures. Both the shirts and the hoodies are available in bright blue or bright pink. Hooded options typically have the pocket in the front.

Cuddle Clones Review - Custom Pet Products

Plush Products 100% Custom Replica of your Pet!

Cuddle Clones’ prices vary depending on the product type and size, they also offer product lines to fit your desires, ranging between $12 to $250.

  • The Original Plush Cuddle Clone ($249)
  • Custom Golf Headcovers of Pets ($159)
  • Custom Pet Slippers ($199)
  • Handmade Plush Purse ($199)
  • Holiday Stockings ($129)
  • and May More…

100% Custom 3D Figurines & Ornaments of your Pet!

Aside from their iconic custom plush pets which are made from pictures you send them, Cuddle Clones also offers:

  • Custom Pet Figurines ($99)
  • Personalized Pet Ornaments ($99)
  • Custom Pet Earrings ($89)
  • Custom Pet Necklaces ($89)

Custom Pet Prints, Apparel, and Blankets

They are still 100% custom stuffed animals of pet alternatives. Additionally, Cuddle Clones offers beautiful memorials items to honor your pet’s memory forever. These come in the forms of:

  • Custom Pet Print Coffee Mugs ($25)
  • Custom Pet Print Canvas ($80)
  • Custom Pet Print Fleece Blanket ($70)
  • Custom Pet Print T-Shirt (Unisex) ($40)
  • Custom Pet Phone Case ($40)
  • Custom Woven Blanket ($70)
  • Custom pet Tote Bag ($40)
  • and May More…

Personalized Accessories of Your Pet

Cuddle Clones are world famous for their custom made realistic stuffed animals, but If you’re not quite looking for to get a stuffed replica of your pet at the moment, but still want to get a customizable keepsake of your pet, they have:

  • Custom Pet Collars ($20)
  • Custom Printed Pet Callaway Golf Balls ($14 to $43)
  • Ball Markers with Pet Photo (3-Pack) ($12)

Also, Cuddle Clones Gift Cards make for compassionate, unique gifts for pet lovers, especially when you don’t have or cannot get pictures of your loved one’s pet. They hold anywhere between $25 to $300.

How to Order Cuddle Clones Products (Step by Step)

Pet Details

Select your pet species, whether it be a dog, cat, house, or other.

Upload Photos

Upload at least one photo of the pet for some product, for custom plush, stuffed animals, it is recommended to submit at least one picture of the following: Face, Back, Left Side, Right Side, Chest/Underbelly, Tail and any Unique Features, like rings on the tail, or different colored eyes.


Customize your item for a real-life stuffed animal by choosing fur color, left and right ear positions, eye colors for both eyes by submitting these distinctive features. They have a section for distinguishing characteristics which you can give additional information like your pet has a pig's tail, a scar on back, or is missing the left paw. Your custom-made stuffed animal can be selected in the standing, sitting, or lying down position. The mouth can be open or close with or without the tongue hanging out.

Add and Check Out

Add the product to your cart, add our

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Custom Pet Replicas of Your Pets

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Cuddle Clones Review - Final Thoughts

When making your pet into a stuffed animal, Cuddle Clone makes a great gift for yourself or to a loved one who may have lost a family pet. They are also great for kids over a generic plush toy of a random animal as they can love and show off their pet to others when they are not around.

Cuddle Clones pays incredible attention to detail and is always sure to include as many little distinctive markings and nuances as possible because that gives the customized plush toy personality and life. Many people leave five-star reviews with regard to the customer service provided by Cuddle Clones, which is top-notch making the ordering and production process smooth and problem-free.

Customers around the world get such a heartwarming feeling when they receive their Cuddle Clone box in the mail, like Cuddle Clone mission states, “We capture that connection with 100% handmade plush replicas of YOUR PET!” (such as unique markings, fur coloration, and the particular way an ear folds, for example) that are considered and added. Many people are overwhelming surprised at how lifelike the replica is and some have even shared stories of how their pets became either curious or startled when seeing their plush counterpart because they recognized that it looked exactly like them!

Getting an authentic replica of your pet made, especially one that looks so accurate of your loved pet, giving you a flood of memories of the life you spent with them, and many customers’ reviews state the overwhelming emotion of joy they felt when they opened their Cuddle Clone box because the rush of feelings they have of their pet. For owners whose pets have passed away, receiving a Cuddle Clone Pet helps to comfort them, as well as deal with the loss of their pet.

Having a lifelike stuffed pet replica gives you something physical to hold which helps comfort many people during times of sadness and stress. Cuddle Clones helps fill the empty spaces in a pet owner’s heart, especially if they are not ready or they’re not planning to get another pet yet. I hope that this Cuddle Clones Review helps you with buying custom stuffed animals of your pet.