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Custom Stuffed Animals

Custom Cat Stuffed Animals

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Custom Cat Plushies

Cuddle Clones specialize in all cat breeds, like the Siamese cat with their stunning blue eyes, true gentle giants like the Maine Coon cat, to all the mix breed felines out their.

Calling all cat lovers (and individuals that enjoy people that like cats)! Cuddle Clones have a totally unique and distinct gift for you! Now, you can turn any type of picture of your cat into a custom cat stuffed animals. That’s right, Cuddle Clones will make a custom hand-made cat plush animal that looks just like your cat. Read our review on Cuddle Clones.

Custom Plush Cats

Turn Your Pet Cat Into a Cloned Stuffed Animal From Your Pictures

A Perfect Gifts For Cat Lovers That Is Beyond Purr-fect

You can quickly get a cat stuffed animal at any local store, but there’s nothing unique about it, just a mass produced stuffed animal. A custom stuffed animal of your pet is 100% hand-made to capture your cat’s one-of-a-kind features as well as its personality. It is a keepsake in the form of a plush representation of the special bond that you have with your pet, and a special stuffed animal you’ll keep to remember them by.

Top Reasons to Get a Plush of Your Cat

  • Scratch free cuddlers: Love your family cat, but can’t get them to snuggle with you? Get a personalized stuffed animal made in their likeness and you can have all the cuddles you want!
  • Absolutely No Hairball: Cuddle Clones can all concur that those can be well…undesirable to look at. Cuddle Clones can guarantee that your custom plushie are hairball free.
  • Take your “kitty” with you: Your Cuddle Clone can go anywhere you go, whereas your real cat cannot. As well as you will most definitely won’t get any kind of hissing from your customized plushie!
  • Memorializing a past cat: Our fur-babies are the light in our hearts, and now you can enjoy free cuddles forever too!
Custom Pet Replicas Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Slippers - Dogs & Cats

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Get a 10% DISCOUNT with this coupon code!

Get a 10% DISCOUNT with this coupon code!

Photos of Customers Cuddle Clones

Make Your Own Realistic Stuffed Animal of Your Kitty Cat!

Each Customized Cat Stuffed Animal Is...

  • Realistic & Detailed: Advanced airbrushing techniques capture even the smallest of features
  • 100% Hand-made: Made to look like your kitty cat
  • The Perfect Gift: Commemorate your best furry friend or memorialize a lost companion forever
  • 100% Quality Guarantee: Every custom-made cat stuffed animal is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Make a Personalized Stuffed Animal of Your Pet Cat.


What can you expect when you choose Cuddle Clones for Your Custom Stuffed Cats Plushies

Professional Made Plush Cats

Cuddle Clones captures the connection between you and your pet with 100% handmade plush replicas of YOUR PET!

High Quality Personalized Products

Cuddle Clones are handmade using plush materials. All materials and parts used to make Cuddle Clones are upheld to the strictest safety measures.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cuddle Clones is the only custom plush manufacturer to offer a FULL REFUND.

Don’t Wait! Get yourself or your loved one, their best friend back!

There is never a better time than NOW to order your very own customized cuddle clone stuffed animal! Depending on what you order, it can take a little as 2 weeks all the way up-to 8 weeks to receive during normal business times (may take longer during Holiday season), as they are all custom made!!

Custom Pet Replicas Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Slippers - Dogs & Cats

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Get a 10% DISCOUNT with this coupon code!

Get a 10% DISCOUNT with this coupon code!