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Custom Stuffed Animals

Design Custom Stuffed Animals from Photos

There’s nothing in the world like snuggling up with your furry friend in your home. All nestled up in your lap, you can virtually feel their unconditional love fulfilling your heart. Cuddle Clones replicates your treasured companion animal into an exact plush version of your real pet.

Cuddle Clones creates plush versions, prints, apparel, and figurines for you, whether your beloved pet has passed away, you’re going to be away from them for a long period of time, or you just love the idea of having a personalized replica pet mini twin.

Cuddle Clones can create a one-of-a-kind replica of all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and even your child’s Guinea pig, all from a photo!

Custom Cuddle Plush - Bulldog Driver Headcover
Custom Cuddle Plush - Furry Friends

A Custom Stuffed Animal of Your Beloved Pet!

Company Creates Exact Plush Toy Replicas Of Your Pets

Pet lovers and pets go crazy over Cuddle Clones stuffed animals, and for good reason! The Cuddle Clones toy company will create a custom stuffed animal that looks just like your lovely pet, and the results are really impressive. All you have to do is simply send in a photo of your pet to them via their website or by mail and the company generates a plush stuffed toy clones that literally looks identical to your best furry friend.

Custom Cuddle Plush - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Custom Cuddle Plush - Bearded Dragons Lizard
Custom Cuddle Plush - Alaskan Husky
Custom Cuddle Plush - Maine Coon
Custom Cuddle Plush - Miniature Pig
Custom Cuddle Plush - Golden Retriever
Custom Cuddle Plush - Ragdoll
Custom Cuddle Plush - American Guinea Pig

How It Works

Step One:

Snap a Picture of Your Pet (Pet Selfies Welcome)

Custom Cuddle Plush from Photo

Step Two:

Upload Super Cute Pet Pic (via your phone or computer)

Custom Cuddle Plush - Jack Russell Terrier

Step Three:

Get Ready for Your Cuddle Clone Plush to Come Home!

Custom Cuddle Plush - Scottish Fold
Custom Pet Replicas Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Slippers - Dogs & Cats

to save 10% on your order.

Why Custom Stuffed Animals and Cuddle Clones are a Perfect Match

For people who think of as their pets as “fur children,” Cuddle Clones has a few hundred customizable products for you. From dogs and cats to horses and chinchillas, Cuddle Clones will make a plush replica of your pet: a realistic plush cuddle clone, or atop a holiday stocking, plush slippers or custom golf head-covers. It will make custom pet figurines and pet ornaments of your beloved furry friends, along with personalized pet necklaces and dog earrings. You can buy custom pet blankets, pet socks, and customizable memorial pet urns, too.

Cuddle Clones Give Back to Animal-Wellness Organizations

Plus, an opportunity for you to give back. they also help celebrate the loving bond between you and your fur-baby and make it last forever! With EVERY purchase, Cuddle Clones provides 3 meals and a toy to a shelter pet!! Now that is amazing!! “You can feel the inner warmth of a thousand puppy breath kisses knowing that a portion of your purchase has been directly attributed to improving the lives of actual animals.” states Cuddle Clones